Market / Produce Application

Stall holder Terms & Conditions can be accessed by following this link. Please ensure you read these before submitting your application.

By submitting your application, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

Before you submit your application, have a think about how you can make your stall fit the Italian theme. When shortlisting applications, preference will be given to the stalls that embrace the theme.

How will you make your stall look as though it has stepped out of an Italian marketplace?

There will be less stalls at the festa in 2020 than in previous years and the focus will be on theme and quality, not quantity.


Please describe what you will be selling in 25 words or less.
Think fresh produce, Red, White & Green bunting, lemons - make your stall look like it stepped out of an Italian market place!
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What town does your business operate from?
eg: @eventsboo
eg: @boo_events
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Do you have Public Liability insurance? *
Please select a stall option from the list below. It is critical that you select the correct stall size. If your stall is bigger than the site you have selected, you may be asked to move or you may not be able to set up. *
It is important that you select the space required as changes are not able to be made on the day if you need additional space. We have been lenient with this in the past, but we will not be accepting this in 2020 where space is a premium.
If you need shade or have any special requirements for your stall location, this is the time to let us know as changes cannot be accommodated on the day!