Boo Who?

Christina, Stacey and Jessie

Christina, Stacey and Jessie

Boo Who? Meet the faces behind the name!

Three creatives, professionals and mums from our beautiful little country town, Mirboo North - which we affectionately call 'The Boo'. 

Christina is our creative free spirit, mum to Maeve, Clementine and the newest addition, little Elky! She is an established photographer with an eye for all things vintage! 

Stacey is mum to sweet little Pippa and with a background in Human Resources, is the wordsmith of the team. She puts together our ads, correspondence and manages our social media accounts. 

Jessie is mum to gorgeous Ziggy, has an eye for detail and is the number cruncher and spreadsheet puncher in the team with her finance management background! 

Together we are Boo Events! We bring our varying ideas and experience together to come up with some great new ideas! (well we think they're great anyway!)

We love Gippsland and all that it has to offer and our aim with all of our events is to showcase it to the world!